Sunday, October 14, 2012

Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes Ideas

It's October! Almost time for one of my favorite holidays - Halloween

At this time, many of you are probably scrambling to find cool parties to attend and are racking your heads over what to dress up as this year. I found some of the best costume ideas HERE (on Quora) and I also had some pre-Halloween practice as I attended a theme party at the "N-House" (a student dormitory for entrepreneurial students of the NUS Overseas Colleges program) so I figured why not share some ideas here. Yes, I know... I've graduated but a bunch of my friends still have not so I still get to enjoy the occasional perks of crashing student events (at least till I look too old to pass for an undergraduate but by then I sure hope all my friends have graduated). The theme of the party was to dress up as any character that started with an "N" (yes,  that doesn't sound very original... but kudos to the organizing committee! I think it was the first time the residential assistants (RAs) of the N-House are throwing a theme party. Usually, it's just the regular pizza & beer gatherings.)

We went through a few iterations of what to go as...
1. Nutella (... too good to waste on any part of the body other your stomach)
2. Newton (...this costume was the easiest! it only required one to glue an apple to his head &  if you didn't mind it shaving off the rest of your hair after the party.)
3. Naked Man (...this might be illegal on the university's campus)
And the list went on till we settled on going as the Nyan Cat and the Ninja turtle!!! The former is a character from a viral video on YouTube and the latter was just a classic cartoon hero back in our days, when were were kids. Best of all, both of them had their own theme songs that we could sing and annoy our friends. #legit!!! 

Anyways, just wanted to share how we created our own costumes in case anyone is thinking of going as these characters this Halloween. I think we spent less than SGD$20 on BOTH costumes which was much less compared to what we spent on Bay to Breakers in 2011 (We bought our costumes for ~USD$40+++ per piece. We went as a Roman soldier and an Egyptian Princess). Actually, making a costume is much more fun than buying one! I would definitely recommend it as it forces you to be scrappy and stretch your creativity (not your wallet). Moreover,  it's just a great excuse to stay up late with your best bud & hack up outfits together (some might even call this "team bonding" haha...)

How make a Ninja Turtle costume 

Things you'll need...

1. Create a Shell
- Took us ~2 hours to create the whole shell! It involved some origami skill A) Folding the Hexgons as per the instructions below, then we folded the top and bottom slides of the Hexgon inwards to make the it a little smaller and rectangular looking, B) Stuffing the shell (aka the aluminum baking tray purchased from NTUC supermarket) with tissue rolls to give it a convex shape before wrapping it once over with brown paper and sticking out folded Hexgons on top.

2. Draw on some yellow abs
- Much less painful than working out

3. Buy some weapons
- Make sure that they are age appropriate :)

4. Keep your real identity a secret!

How to make a Nyan cat costume

*My interpretation of the Nyan cat was pretty simple. Click HERE for a more elaborate take on the beloved internet meme :)

1. Get a rainbow!
- I got my rainbow tutu from Amazon (Inspired by Cassandra. Bought by KH. - Thanks guys!)

2. Buy a set of car ears & a tail

4. Cut some pink squares and stick them on your body (I used double sided tape)

3. Grow some whiskers! (or get a turtle to draw 'em on)

Now you are all ready to P-A-R-T-Y!!! (some pictures from that night... before my camera batt died)


Happy Halloween guys & if you have any suggestion/ideas for what we should dress up as for Halloween let me know :)

PS: Anyways, I was bored so I looked up ... The origins of Halloween ... which apparently came from the ancient Celts about 2000 years ago. They lived in the area we know now as Ireland and celebrate their New Year on November 1. Hence, 31 October was like a New Year count down for them (sorta) till superstition took over and some of them believed that the time in between the old and new year blurred the lines between the dead and the living (seriously, where do people come up with these stuff? I suspect it probably came from disgruntled parents who wanted to keep their kids at home & out of trouble on New Year's eve?)

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