Friday, October 5, 2012

Review of Nook House of Pancakes

I saw a Facebook ad for Nook House of Pancakes and clicked on it. I am glad I did because I ended up dragging my friends there for brunch one weekend morning and I really enjoyed it. It was a novel experience, being able to design, and dare I say, cook my own pancakes. I wish I could say it brought back happy childhood memories of making pancakes with my mum but in truth, we probably shared more experiences eating McDonalds pancakes together rather than making our own. So Nook, for me, was a chance to create all those childhood experiences you are expected to have. 

Anyways, on to the food...

pancake batter

The pancakes come in 6 different flavors, original buttermilk, chocolate, banana, strawberry, blueberry (new! not yet  *officially* on the menu) and pandan (for those who crave a little local flavor to spice up your ang-moh breakfast). You also get to choose 3 different toppings (a mixture of fruits, cream cheese and sweet treats) to go with your pancakes. On top of that, if you still have room for extras, you can always add sides which are the usual breakfast suspects of bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes etc. 

bacon and eggs

I shared my meal with KH since the pancake servings were for 2 ($25-28) although I sort of wish they came in portions for 1 so that I didn't have to beg/force someone to have pancakes for breakfast too. KH has always prefered his mains savory rather than sweet but he was "sweet" enough to consent to share the pancake set with me. The fact that they did offer an option of savory sides, BACON & EGGS ($5)!!!, did help sway him to my pancakes cause. They were very generous with their serving of BACON & EGGS and much to my delight it kept KH occupied while I unleashed my creativity on the pan armed with two colored bottles of pancake batter. I made butterflies, stars, flowers, hearts ... everything a six-year-old arts-and-crafts student would have drawn, I did with pancake batter. 

making pancakesmaking pancakes        

The pancakes actually tasted pretty good, not too oily which I like. I couldn't really taste the strawberry or blueberry flavor in the pancakes but they had a tint of sweetness to them. Also, I like the fact that you can experiment with how long you want to cook your pancakes for or how thick you prefer them to be. Going through this process made me realized that I like my pancakes slightly thinner so they would be a little crispy on the outside. Cooking your own pancakes, you'd definitely get to try a wide variety of different texture pancakes (made from the same batter no less). 

pink pancake

cat shaped pancake

butterfly shaped pancake

flower shaped pancake

I highly recommend disrupting your usual weekend McDonalds breakfast to try Nook! 

Fun Fact: We spent a while chatting to the boss, Dawn Lim, and learnt that she was an ex-air stewardess before she started this pancake joint. What inspired the name Nook was her travels overseas where families would gather around small breakfast nooks (or make-shift kitchen tables at a corner of a room) to have a cosy meal together before starting the day.

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Address: Bukit Timah , 21 Lorong kilat #01-03 Singapore
Phone: 6466 1811
Website: HERE

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