Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Review of Marble Slab Creamery Ice-Cream

Red velvet flavored cupcakes are the reason I fell in love with cupcakes in the first place! Ever wonder what's inside those lovely red slices of heaven? I decided to do some research (maybe will even attempt to bake some one day when I am having one of those "Nigella Lawson" days) and found the following... 

Red velvet cupcakes ingredients

1. Cocoa powder (unexpected!) 
2. Red food dye 
3. Buttermilk - It's responsible for making the cake moist & flake into soft crumbs as you bite into it. 
4. Lovely swirls of Cream Cheese frosting 

If you love the cupcake version of red velvet then chances are you would like the ice-cream version too right? Not quite. I've tried Ben & Jerry's take on red velvet and I can't say it does its cupcake cousin justice. It was too sweet and lacked any distinct taste of cream cheese or cocoa powder :( but fret not my fellow red velvet cupcake lovers! I think I have finally found a brand that makes a decent red velvet flavored ice-cream! Check out Marble Slab Creamery. Their concept is similar to Cold Rock's, although I  never did care much for the "mix-your ice-cream-with-overpriced-toppings-to-form-your-own-unique-flavor" idea.

In my opinion, Marble Slab Creamery is the first ice-cream maker to have nailed the red velvet flavor (although it's terribly expensive at $10.50/cup with 1 topping)! Another flavor that I liked was called Yuzu, which is a citrus fruit usually used in Japanese cuisine. Their Yuzu ice-cream tasted light & refreshing like a sobert that was laced with a milky but not too creamy base (think midway between a dairy based ice-cream and a sobert).


ice-cream toppings

ice-cream waffle bowl
Love their tag line "Find Happiness Within" :)

red velvet ice-cream
Notice how dark their Red Velvet is compared to B&J's light pink one? 

Yuzu (the light yellow scoop)

Another reason to love Marble Slab is their wonderful Graham crackers, which you can mix into your ice-cream as a topping. It's rare to see Graham crackers in Singapore since we don't have the tradition of making smores, which I love. As a result, I usually make my smores with digestive biscuits. If you're feeling really lazy, you could get those digestive biscuits that come already coated with chocolate and toss a marshmallow on it before micro-waving it (this method negates the need for a fireplace and spreading your own Nutella on it. Lazy people's guide to life). 

ice-cream with graham crackers

PS: The scooper at the counter, a bubbly girl by the name of Alice, told me that she decided to work for Marbleslab Creamy because she got hooked on their red velvet ice-cream and couldn't bear to be too far away from them :)

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Address : 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #01-27, The Central, Singapore 059817
Phone: 6224 4278 / 6224 4248

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